Reflection on Turkana Politics


This is not a thesis as you may think but a simple reflective article based on my analysis on Turkana politics. Our schools of thoughts may differ as others would belong to Aristotle, Stoicism, Empirical and others to the Machiavelli school of philosophy but at the end of the day the difference is the same as there lies some truth in them. Am hereby throwing an argument to convince my readers either to buy the idea or negate giving reasons as to why? In doing so, I take this media as the Greek Acropolis where intellectuals meet to discuss things of great importance to the society and finally settling to an agreeable thought after polishing. Remember this is an interactive article and does not incline to any political affiliation. 

In the recent I have closely observed the trend of Turkana politics as a vigorous appraisal of the Youths revolution to the political fora. I sat back and analyse critically and the questions that bothers me are; What is the motivating factor behind the move?  As to whether it’s a short cut to amass wealth from the public coffers through embezzlement or a working force to serve the community that is in dire need of liberation? For voters, it’s a matter of choice based on one’s ideological inclination. The choice of a political candidate should be based on the agenda. Politics is all about giving and receiving. As to what an aspiring candidate puts on the table to win the votes of those jobless youths, that struggling mama mboga, and that desperate Mzee in return to their votes. 

We are in the campaigns season and I have not seen any Tsunami or heard of an impending one expected ot give the direction as to where we, the turkana people stand in the local and the national political arena. Haven’t seen any serious campaign trails  going on in the public domain. Okey, the official date for campaigns starts on 29th May 2022 yet there are no clear road-maps for campaigns. Out of curiosity, I read social media comments from the various supporters and friends to the aspirants drawing lines in support of so and so without citations of any reasons to support their political stance. It looks like a house-to-house campaigns with closed doors meetings and gatherings in cahoots when in real sense should be public.

The threshold should be the interest of the Turkanas first which will be gauged on the agenda or development history for an incumbent or previous public office held and if a big inner then let’s hear what he/she has for the people before we head to the ballot. I know we have all drawn lines as to who to vote in/out what if we discuss within us and change our minds for the greater good of our County and the Country?

I think this time round should mark the turning point in the Turkana political history to make a difference with the previous decades where Turkana as a people can stand and move in tandem and speak in unison with one voice of revolution that we stand with so because s/he has our interests at heart so that we can say, “… Ataingia bila kupingwa”. This can only happen if we can have a one on one political engagement with the candidates at different capacities that would give the independent candidates as well equal opportunities to sell their agenda rather than making those in big alliances the privilege to ride on the poppularity based on the alliances they are in as compared to their opponents. It will be prudent if this time we can have open forum with candidates to convince us on; 

  • Aspiring – Why s/he is aspiring against the seating?
  • The incumbent – Why s/he is defending his position?

If we can focus on their agenda based on What they intend to do to the people, When, How, Where and Why they intend to implement their agenda will help voters evaluate them at the end of the term based on those parameters. There has to be a clear and realistic development plans instead of fantasies promised before. This is what the elite community should be banking on as we give direction to our brothers and sisters that are not enlightened in political matters so that we can take a decisive direction as a block for a prosperous posterity. 

However, I am afraid of the current political wave in Turkana as it is based on the political affiliation instead of development mileage or manifesto. We no longer listen to the aspirants at a personal level but rather listen to the voices of their affiliates. We should vote out those who looted the public coffers and vote in those with passion and commitment to serve with our people’s interests at heart. Just to say, defecating at someone’s gate does not stop the gate from opening and so premature politics of throwing insults should not be in our cup of tea after all spitting on one’s face does not make either a hero.

I would like to suggest to you, there is no short cut to politics like mathematical 1 + 1 = 2, but a chemistry of elements that have to be tested in a lab to give a definite result expected. No matter how long it might take you but is indeed the only way and the surest step to become a successful politician.

In biological sciences, the seeds germinate first with roots before the stem and leaves so does an athlete begins with the first leg to make the second to reach the finishing line after several steps. In other words, to be a leader you should be a dreamer full of determination and must be ready to undergo a process of mentorship.

As the bible depicts, leadership is from God, as He chooses the best out of many for his people but again there is an existence of a bunch of self-made leaders that are doomed to failures and destruction as a result – Take a case of the Israelites demand for an earthly king without God’s decision and there came King Saul until God chose King David, a mere shepherd who made Israel an exemplary nation. Leadership is a vocation of tolerance and self acceptance is a virtue to succeed. 

Rt Hon. Raila, so to quote among other prominent leaders began at the lower level of Odinga political school of thought, then became a member of paliament, a Minister, Prime Minister and now seeking for a Presidency for the 5th time. It is not just a single day dream to realize the dream but a WILL to be the master to the determination of the objective.

What I am appealing to the young aspirants is to stop building their political careers from the top but begin building from bottom-up. Make no rush of “Wanting to be” popularize yourself in the field of politics before jumping into the unknown to earn full recognition and acceptance from the voters putting in mind, previous achievements preserve your dignity in political space. You may be aspiring to justify your egotistical hate for your opponent and not considering the positive part of achievements. Human beings are always quick to point out the negative side of the other and forget the positive.

Just to crown it all, “ATOYENAS ROBO, ATOSEUNOS AJOKIS MEERE AKIPEDO” The witty puts it this way; He who hits a wall with bare hands stands a chance of hurting himself or herself. In other words the tap root that has reached the underground water table never competes with the just growing seedlings to suck the underground water. 

As I finalized, mark my words, you can’t hook out a seating politician unless with a power saw (The people revolution) you need us and we need to hear what you can give, that’s the law of politics. And so, my appeal to you as a voter, you carry the power in your hands and its not yet late for us to invite these Aspirants to share their manifestos in order to allow us make a decisive and best choice for the interest of the Turkana people. Gold is tested by fire, you can test them and throw your vote on whichever side. 


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