Capacity Building is usually meant to support, to Train, to Empower and to partner with the already existing Local CBO’S/NGO’S by the INT’ NGO’S who are working and implementing their projects or programs within the Local community. If these Organizations are rightful and sincere to their objectives, goals and Mission they ought to see into it that, they support by offering skills through training the existing local CBO’s and the infant CBO’S that deal with the same objectives in the community they live in. Otherwise, the international NGOs have not come to stay forever in the community(ies) they render their services to.

Consequently, it will reach a time when their services will come to an end when the Donors evaluate on how much they have invested in the project/program(s) expecting that, what is implemented has a better output/ self-sustaining in the long run and not depend on the Donor Funding. In other words, if the Local CBOs are not trained, supported and Empowered to be Authentic in what they are currently doing or intend to do, then they fail in their mission in that, they make the beneficiaries to be dependent in the program, hence at the withdrawal of the implementing Agency, the beneficiaries back slide to normal way of Life and the whole exercise will be Zero and waste of Donor Funding. Consequently, it is paramount that the int’l NGOs have to involve the Local CBOs in their Areas of work to partner and realize that, the Local CBOs are capable of doing something in their capacity.

This would be the only way that these Int’l NGOs can be proved to have done in monitoring the Local CBOs and remain a treasure and a Legacy in their mandate. On the contrary, the int’l NGOs working in our community tend to ignore the presence of the Local CBOs that need their support. it is like a business that they seek not to incorporate the other partners and as they end the project, they create another project in another version to get funding from the donors as the first one failed.

Currently, in our community there are a good number of CBOs which have been founded by the locals who understand the problem of the beneficiaries and opt to find a resolution and answers to their problems, more especially based on; Peaceful co-existence, Food, insecurity and watsan that are the basics among others. They are not encouraged nor supported yet these CBOs would be the rightful Organizations to deal with the community in improving issues of their concern while the int’l NGOs have a short-term span before they shift elsewhere and their initial project comes to an end.

The Root cause to some of these projects failing is that, the beneficiaries and stake-holders are not actually fully involved at the beginning of the projects implementation or the Organization implementing the project did little to the Baseline Survey conducted by the consultants in downplaying the recommendations that are really a problem and How to do it to yield better outcome to the satisfaction of the people and the Donors within the time frame which should be closely monitored and evaluated before and towards the end of the project and if need be changed to the work plan approach to improve the project implementation.

With this in mind, the Donor Fund won’t be a waste of time and resources. We have seen a number of the local CBOs and NGOs failing to achieve their objectives within a short period as they are not given the capacity to build by the Donors or the partner NGOs that work in the same line. These are just Organizations that are beginning with Enthusiasm for doing something to solve the Problem at hand in the community but the of Int’l NGOs and Humanitarian Agencies are creating projects that are not viable to the community and at long last they become Awkward to the beneficiaries.

As I conclude, what our community needs is a Peaceful co-existence, sustainable food security ensured and Watsan as the basic needs.


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