Governor Commitment during Peace accord

Turkana Governor during Lokiriama celebrarions

The Lokiriama peace agreement festival was one of a kind after the accord commemoration was postponed for the last 3 years. The celebration which was held on 21st September 2022 was spearheaded by the Turkana County boss, Hon. Jeremiah Lomorukai alias “Jerry” clocking the 49th anniversary after the accord was made between the warrying communities.

H.E Lomorukai received with celebrations by the residents.

The treaty was signed by the Turkana clan, Ng’ikamatak and the Matheniko back in 1973. This was after the two buried the hatchets and as a symbol for a peaceful coexistence their weapons were collectively buried into a pit and a monument erected to mark the end of the cross-border conflicts along the Kenya- Ugandan boarders.

The warrying communities buried their weapons during the signing of the agreement.

As the new boss, he acknowledged the efforts and showed his commitment by promising the communities that he will see to it that the commemoration is held annually throughout his tenure as the Turkana second governor. He insisted that the festival was as important as peaceful coexistence between the conflicting communities because the engagement provided a platform for strengthening peace and reaffirm the communities’ resolve through a non-violent means of conflict resolution which needed not to be ignored.

During his speech he assured the community of his commitment to spearhead development projects in the region as well as other boarders which are lagging behind in terms of development. He highlighted projects that the County Government has in its plans for the current financial year which would start materializing once it receives its share from the national government that would that would see the livelihood of the residents is improved.

He also announced that plans for Moru anayece festival would begin soon which would involve all the stakeholders in the peace process. The Moru anayece associated with the legend of ata nayece is a festival that marked the peace agreement between the Turkana and the Jie from Uganda. He insisted that the festival played a key role in contributing towards bringing peace between them. He stated further that he would review all the projects and ensure that they are completed as soon as possible and key among them was the water projects that were meant to serve the residents and spike economic development as well as well-being of the residents. 

To show his commitment, he directed the then County secretary Peter Eripete, County procurement and the Ministry of water services to ensure all stalled projects will be up and running in the next fourteen days with no exemption to Lokiriama water project.

Deputy Governor Dr. John Erus supported his boss saying that he was committed to ensure stability and peaceful coexistence within and at the boarders of the County. The ceremony was graced by officials from the county government included: the former Loima MP Protus Akuja, former Turkana Central MP John Lodepe, Deputy Speaker Philip Ekuwam, MCAs Lawrence Lomuria from Lokiriama/Lorengippi, Ruth Kuya from Lodwar Township, Michael Aemun (Kaputir) among others. Among them were dignitaries from the neighboring countries i.e South Sudan, Uganda and Ethiopia.


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