Drought Situation causes alarm in Education

ECDE children in the turkana rural village

The year 2022 has seen the drought situation worsen in 20 of the 23 arid and semi-arid regions from the 47 Counties in Kenya. The hard situation attributed by the four consecutive dry seasons as the rains pattern changed resulting to a humanitarian crisis that has affected more than 4.35 million people. The situation associated with the reckless human behaviors has resulted to a global warming and  altered weather patterns posing a threat to survival of the residents in the affected regions. Arguably, in  most parts of Turkana, school going children both at the ECDE which is the entry level and primary schools have been adversely affected by the drought.

The County Boss, his excellency Jeremiah Lomorukai has raised a red flag on the situation that has affected schools attendance. During his Press release at Lodwar, he noted that the drought currently experienced in Turkana has affected education in ECDE centers where the children are in dire need for relief support from the relevant stakeholders right from NGOs, County as well as the national government. Speaking with the delegation from the National Early Childhood Executive Committee that had paid him a courtesy visit at the County headquarters. The envoy led by Ms. Valary Akinyi, the Education Committee Chairperson was in the county to assess the impact of drought on Early Childhood Development in Kakuma Refugees Camp and Kalobeyei Settlements was asked by the Governor to extend the assessment programme to the host schools as well in order to get the exact magnitude of the situation and its impact to the education.

“Out of a population of 1.5 million, over 800,000 people have been affected by the drought and a quarter of them is in dire need of relief aid to curb the devastating effect of the drought and boost emergency relief efforts by the county,” he said. He also unveiled to the committee of the County’s plans to procure additional relief food worth Sh.300 million set aside to for emergency response.

The event was attended by senior staff members  including County Executives Alexander Flemmings Losikiria (Education) and Jeniffer Nawoi (Finance), Chief of Staff Peter Yoromoe, Ag. Chief Officer for Education Stephen Eregae, Director ECDE Samuel Eregae among others.


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