Consultative meeting between the Directorate of Social Protection and the PWDs leadership


The meeting was aimed at sensitizing Persons with disabilities (PWDs) on the services that the County Government through its Directorate of Social Protection should offer them.

During the meeting, it was noted that key services required by the PWDs included registration, provision of assistive devices, organization and support of disability sports activities, capacity building, and participation in calendar events.

Leah Audan, the County Executive Committee member for Education, Sports and Social Protection, reassured the PWDs of the government’s commitment to service delivery and inclusion.

She emphasized that PWDs should prioritize their needs and present them to the Ministry for subsequent aid or advice as she encouraged PWDs to work in groups rather than individually for successful outcomes.

In order to ensure effective and transformative leadership, the Ministry will appoint new PWDs board members to work closely as conduits between the PWDs and the Ministry.

Tioko Janerose, the Ag. Chief Officer for Education and Social Protection, urged PWDs to choose leaders who are humane and mindful of other PWDs and emphasized the need for unity of purpose among them.

Lucas Losuru, the former board chairman, also encouraged PWDs to take care of the assistive devices given to them by the County Government and to utilize the resources constructed for them by the government, mindful of the limited budgetary allocations to such projects.

Jackson Lokwatom emphasized the need to inculcate the spirit of self-reliance among PWDs by stopping dependence on aids and grants.

It was noted that the PWDs would benefit from having a service desk where all their inquiries could be addressed.

Present at the meeting were Hebrews Idoka (Ag. Director Social Protection), Ariong Amos (Asst. Dir. Social Protection, disability services), Angoria Dong’ol (Administrator Social Protection), James Ekanyuk (Ass. Dir. Social Protection child welfare), Esther Tokusi (Social Welfare), and Clarkson Ngikito (Social Welfare and PWDs representatives).


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